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Ajith’s Aarambam Movie Scene Leaked

While Ajith’s ‘Arrambam’ with Vishnuvardhan gearing up for release next month, a 57 second rough cut of a scene from the film has been leaked. The scene leaked shows Ajith hanging upside down and being beaten by the bad guys. It is obvious that the guy who leaked it had secretly filmed it during the making.

Thala Ajith is the most talked about person on social media networking sites and the leaked scene spread like wildfire. An agitated Vishnuvardhan tweeted “It’s very disappointing to see the visuals leaked. I can assure it’s not from any of my technical departments. My guys are on the job of finding the source. Let’s just ignore this and look forward to the film.”

It is said that the particular scene with Ajith hanging upside down was shoot a year back in Mumbai. The sequence was apparently taken for a whole night. The buzz is that Ajith denied the idea of using a dupe for this scene in Aarambam and wanted to do it himself and the the star for a whole night was hanging upside down.

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  1. hi thala sir we waiting for ur movie we expected very much…..

  2. hi ajith sir we waiting for ur movie we expected very much…..

  3. Thala we are waiting to tear the screen..