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Baadshah 4 Days Collections

Baadshah revolves around the title character Baadshah played by Jr NTR. He is son of a don but is taking on other don’s who have created a mafia nexus outside India and are always looking at targeting India.

In the process he has to befriend Kajal which ultimately leads to love between the two. Why does Baadshah needs to befriend Kajal in the first place and why is he eliminating the don’s one by one forms the overall story of the film.


Baadshah 1st Day Collections is 12.30 Crores

Baadshah 2nd Day Collections is 13.68 Crores

Baadshah 3rd Day Collections is 14.05 Crores

Baadshah 4th Day Collections is 11.15 Crores

Total Collections is 50.18 Crores

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