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Nagarjuna Bhai Movie Dialogues Leaked

Currently, Nag is busy by shooting for these two upcoming flicks back to back. While he is going to wrap up ‘Greeku Veerudu’ shooting on Valentine’s Day, his ‘Bhai’ shoot will continue in the city. Right now a couple of dialogues are doing rounds in Film Nagar, which people say that are the introduction liners of our King in action-flick ‘Bhai’.

‘Hyderabad renditiki famous.. okati Irani Chai.. rendu ee Bhai’, happens to be that dialogue. Whether this is an art of our enthusiastic guys, or if this is really a dialogue from that flick is yet to be confirmed.

This is a conversation between Police and Bhai(Nag).

police:ee area chala cool ga prasanthanga undi..
ninna night mi manishi okadu firing lo chanipoyadu body ni tisukoni vacham.
vadu ma vadu kadhu…ika vellandi
chusi,alochinchi cheppandi…
Chanipoyindi Nijamga Bhai manishi ayyunte ee area chala cool ga prasanthanga undedhi kadhu..
chanipoyindi Nijamga Bhai manishi ayyunte chustu alochistu undevallame kadhu..
chanipoyindi Nijamga Bhai manishi ayyunte…Bhai manishini Champi..Bhai area ki vachi..Bhai tho matladi bhayam lekunda bayatiki ponichevadiney kadhu…

From a long time, Nag’s fans are waiting to watch their heartthrob hero in a ‘Hello Brother’ kind of flick. Insiders revealed that director Veerabhadram’s ‘Bhai’ will suffice that desire. Already hot brazillian bomb Nathalia Kaur’s item song became a masala asset for this flick and we have to see what more they will add.

3 Responses to “Nagarjuna Bhai Movie Dialogues Leaked”

  1. dailogues bagunnai very eager to watch king on silver screen

  2. krishna July 17, 2013

    dialguos chala bagunai wating for movie

  3. Sai (kiran) July 18, 2013

    Dialguos bagunai nd ee bhai lo nag look superb wating for movie